The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – West End

We were delighted to continue collaborating with the talented teams at DMS and AKA on the transfer of the acclaimed musical, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Following a triumphant run at Southwark Playhouse, the production is set to captivate West End audiences in October 2024.

Early in the project, we helped shape several initial concepts, and later returned to reimagine the animation once the designs were finalised. Working closely with the DMS team and the director, we breathed life into the key art, incorporating elements like water, bubbles, lighting, and dynamic movement to evoke an ethereal, dream-like atmosphere. By adding subtle motion to limbs and creating a sensation of floating, the visuals became enchantingly immersive. This was a truly rewarding project, and the final result is both mesmerising and delicately dynamic. Multiple versions were crafted for various purposes, serving as a looping landing visual for the website and as intros/outros for edits, social media content, and social advertising.


  • DMS
  • AKA


  • April 2024


  • Motion Design
  • Compositing