JD Sports Spring/Summer Campaign

We were honored to be commissioned to edit the 2014 Spring/Summer promotional campaign video for JD Sports. The project involved working with a variety of chroma footage sequences featuring dancers showcasing products. This footage was skillfully edited to align with an energetic musical backdrop, creating a dynamic overall sequence.

Following the initial edit, the footage was meticulously keyed and then rotoscoped onto bold, colourful backgrounds that were designed to complement the print campaign. Additionally, we crafted several animated slogans that interacted seamlessly with the dancers and the ongoing action, adding an extra layer of engagement and visual interest to the campaign.

This project not only highlighted our technical editing capabilities but also our ability to integrate visual elements into a cohesive and compelling promotional video.


  • JD Sports


  • March 2013


  • Post Production
  • Keying
  • Rotoscoping
  • Compositing
  • Motion Graphics