Diary of a Somebody

We were absolutely thrilled when Making Productions invited us to create the artwork for the inaugural season of Seven Dials Playhouse. Working in close collaboration with their team, we embarked on a creative journey to develop a poster design inspired by the iconic collage art of Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell.

Channeling the unique flair of their work, we meticulously designed a poster that embodied their artistic vision. The result was a bold, vibrant, and visually striking design that perfectly captured the essence of the playhouse and its atmosphere.

Our engagement extended beyond the poster. We animated the design, transforming it into captivating visuals that were designed to catch the eye of potential patrons. We also developed a suite of supporting assets for advertising and promotional videos, ensuring a consistent and cohesive visual presence across all platforms.

Additionally, we had the privilege of designing the program for the production. We infused elements of collage and craftsmanship into the print materials, adding a tactile and artistic quality that complemented the overall design theme. This meticulous attention to detail across all materials helped to create a truly immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

Contributing to the launch of Seven Dials Playhouse was a remarkable opportunity, and we are proud of our role in bringing the artistic legacy of Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell to life through our creative expressions.


  • Making Productions
  • Seven Dials Playhouse


  • March 2022


  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Design
  • Social Engagement