Coca-Cola: Happiness, Bottled

We we’re commissioned by Shuffle Media to undertake several VFX shots for the Coca Cola; Happiness, bottled project.

The majority of work focused on repairing shots requiring a slight cosmetic enhancement, as well as adding some finishing details to others. They are hopefully impossible to spot, if we did our job well.

Happiness, bottled is an online 3min spot following the full life-cycle of the iconic bottle – from factory to fridge.

Coca-Cola Enterprises are the business behind the brand – responsible for getting their drinks to over 170m consumers across Western Europe.

Produced by Shuffle Media, Directed by Aneil Karia, Shot by Vanessa Whyte, with an original score from Swedish production duo CEREAL.


  • Coca-Cola
  • Shuffle Media


  • June 2015


  • Motion Graphics
  • Object/Wire Removal
  • Post Production
  • Digital Artwork