Beefeater – Stranger Gins

We were thrilled when Thumbstoppers approached us to produce a series of striking edits for Beefeater’s Halloween campaign. Tasked with creating captivating, engaging, and truly ‘Thumbstopping’ content, we collaborated closely with the team to devise a unique visual theme.

Drawing inspiration from the eerie, alternate reality of The Upside Down, we crafted a Halloween-themed world featuring cocktails crafted with Beefeater London Gin. The result was a mesmerising visual experience that glitched between reality and a spooky, cocktail-filled realm.

These dynamic edits were showcased across various formats, including posts, stories, and reels on both Facebook and Instagram, ensuring maximum engagement and visibility for the campaign.


  • Thumbstoppers
  • Beefeater London


  • September 2020


  • Motion Design
  • VFX
  • Sound Design