BAFTA Motion Ident

We were entrusted with the task of reimagining the BAFTA Identity for both broadcast, social and online platforms. Our concept aimed to subtly enthrall the audience, gradually unveiling the essence of the master brand. Used to introduce and end content.

The process spanned nearly four months, commencing with 3D scanning of the BAFTA mask. This allowed us to authentically capture its intricate details. We dedicated substantial time to perfecting its appearance, texture and lighting, ensuring each element harmonised with our vision. Subsequently, we then animated the mask, crafting a sequence of movements that resulted in multiple versions of the ident.

Our endeavours culminated in the development of various iterations and formats of the ident, including both long and short form for both the BAFTA Productions Ident and the BAFTA Master Ident.




  • June 2012


  • 3D
  • Modelling
  • Lighting
  • Motion Design
  • Concept Development