BAFTA Film Awards Ident

We were honoured to be chosen to design and produce a compelling cinematic motion ident for the 2018 BAFTA Film Awards. Recognising the significance of creating a piece that was both intriguing and abstract yet unmistakably aligned with the BAFTA brand, we developed a sophisticated design concept centred around the motif of diamonds. To enhance the iconic 3D BAFTA Mask, we applied a novel texture map, incorporating elements of glass and high reflectivity to create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow.

These elements were meticulously animated to sweep across the mask and text objects, creating a seamless blend of sequences that captured the essence of cinematic artistry. The final ident has been adopted to introduce each of the BAFTA nominated and winning films throughout the award season. Launched in January 2018, it is now featured in cinemas across the UK, setting a distinguished tone for the prestigious event.




  • December 2017


  • Motion Design
  • 3D
  • Advertising
  • Broadcast
  • Animation


  • Echoic Audio